May. 3rd, 2009

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What Do You Do? written by [personal profile] justhuman (Gen, Spoilers through 5x17 "About Face")
Resting Place written by [personal profile] waldo (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
Permanent Ink written by [personal profile] waldo (McGee/Abby)
Power of the Alpha written by [personal profile] triskellion (Gibbs/DiNozzo)

NCIS communities currently known at Dreamwidth:
[community profile] gibbs_abby
[community profile] harmon_daily
[community profile] kibbs
[community profile] mcabby
[community profile] mw_daily
[community profile] ncis
[community profile] ncis_fic
[community profile] ncis_gibbsducky
[community profile] ncis_slash
[community profile] ncisfanfic
[community profile] ncisficfind
[community profile] pauley_perrette
[community profile] sean_murray

Please advise us by email or by leaving a comment if you know of an NCIS community that we don't know about.

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