May. 13th, 2009

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This Tuesday's 6x24 Semper Fidelis was the second show in its timeslot (although the ratings dropped from last week)
Last week's 6x23 Legend, Part 2 was tied for fourth highest rated show for the week
TV Guide interviewed Merik Tadros, who plays Michael Rivkin, regarding the last two episodes of the season - WARNING: possible spoilers through 6x25 Aliyah

Links to 3 picspams that contain pictures of Michael Weatherly posted by [personal profile] webbgirl

Episode Discussion - WARNING: Spoilers for 6x24 Semper Fidelis
Discussion of 6x24 Semper Fidelis at Entertainment Weekly

[personal profile] chirugal comments on the Gibbs/Abby interaction in the last two episodes - WARNING: Spoilers for 6x24 Semper Fidelis

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